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London, 14 December 2007

Louis Skoutellas, Cypriot Student Movement METOPO UK ‘s International Affairs Secretary attended a Think Tank Seminar organised by the European Youth Parliament in Berlin, Germany on 29th of November 2007.

“The European Youth Parliament organises one Think Tank meeting each year which targets resolving important current affairs issues within the European Union. The think tank comprises of 30 people who are alumni of the European Youth Parliament network.This year’s think tank was held in Berlin, Germany and the issue looked into was the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and its current and future implications within the Mediterranean region. The think tank focused on core issues such as energy, whilst dealing with socio-economic and political issues involved in the development and application of the ENP.

The think tank meeting was successful in producing several policy papers which contain analysis, findings, and recommendations of the ENP and will be sent directly to the European Commission; where it will be read by the European Commissioner of External Affairs (Ferrero-Waldner)”

Louis Skoutellas
Cypriot Student Movement ‘METOPO’ UK
International Affairs Secretary